On 16 December 2020, the new EU Cybersecurity Strategy had been presented. It covers the security of essential services, such as the hospitals that nowadays are the main point of the strategy. The aim is to ensure a correct response to possible cyberattacks in order to be able to guarantee the security of the cyberspace.

The legislation adopted is really extended. Infact, there are: 

  • NIS directive,
  • Cybersecurity Act,
  • ENISA – the EU cybersecurity agency,
  • The European Cybersecurity Certification Group.

Each year, in October (the European Cybersecurity Month) those policies are reviewed and rediscussed in order to keep the policies updated and coherent with the evolution of the world. 

Now it’s time for the Member States to act and to start the process of transposition of the NIS directive (NIS: Network and Information Security). Indeed, this directive is the cornerstone of the EU’s effort to fight over the cyberattacks. This directive foresees the cooperation among the Member States in order to attain a common high level of network and information security. 






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