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European People is an international organization which deals with formation and sensitization of young students to the social, democratic and civic values of the EU.

We operate by the “learning by doing” method, giving the students the right tools to take part to the Model (pro) actively.

Students will acquire the necessary knowledge about the European Parliament functioning through a formation course on a e-learning platform. The EP functioning will be explained at institutional, juridical and economical level in order to understand the specific role of all the positions.

Since 2015, EP organize the biggest Model European Parliament in Italy, with students from different EU countries. Through the years, with the aim to involve a bigger number of students and offer a better experience, the IMEP project has been expanded and improved.

Today, with great satisfaction, the Model are held in Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Bruxelles, headquarters of the European Parliament. During the Model, students will have the chance to visit institutional offices and meet high institutional offices.


Marco Parroccini

Marco Parroccini
Foto Claudia Pescara

Claudia Pescara

Desiree Di Marco
Elena Giovinazzi

Elena Giovinazzi
Claudio Parroccini

Claudio Parroccini
Flores Menna

Flores Menna


EP promotes and develops the formation and strengthening of civic identity and conscience. In order to do this, we carry on Models of European Parliament with the aim to sensitize about issues like freedom of movement and democratic participation (ensured by the EU).


The teaching material, draft by professionals, is structured to merge the educational needs of participating schools, with the practical ones necessary during the Model.


The logistic aspect is essential in the plan of our projects. From the previous editions we acquired a focused and consolidated experience and today our projects are tailor-made to fulfill the student needs.

Their feedback is, in fact, essential for us. To understand how efficient our work is and get better every time.

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The love for what we do is the base to succeed fully.

Our main target is to sensitize young generations to European institutions and issues. In this way, student will be able to face the labour market without fear and understand its functioning in the digital era.

Every staff member chooses to belong to EP driven by passion, dedication but above all by being committed to our mission.

What they say about us

Many thanks to the staff, the president and the tutors. They are experienced, committed and showed us that, with dedication and will, everything is possible. This is a growing experience and I am sure that the most of us will be on that chairs next year to listen, getting you upset, make you laugh and more. THANK YOU IMEP, for real!

New and wonderful experience for my schoolmates. It helps you to enrich your vocabulary and background. Thanks to all of you for helping us, collaborating with us, with our ideas and everything else! Next year we’ll be there for sure and we can proudly say you helped us to grow wiser! Thanks for everything <3

I was very struck by the way the staff managed all the event. They are approachable, kind and, above all, very expert. For my students, IMEP was a great chance to deeply understand the EU functioning and to acquire essential skills for their future.

I strongly recommend the IMEP project to everyone. It gave me the opportunity to meet students from different countries and to strengthen my English language skills taking part to a European debate. A unique experience!

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