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Berkeley Model United Nation

One of the most exciting Simulations in the world

San Francisco

BMUN – Berkeley Model United Nations – One of the most exciting Simulations in the world

Berkeley Model United Nations (BMUN) is the United Nations simulation held annually in San Francisco at UC Berkeley University. It’s a unique opportunity to approach diplomacy and to work with 2000 students from around the world on current international issues. Discovering new points of view, sometimes at odds with your own, provides you with an amazing opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. If you aspire to become an international leader, don’t miss the chance to take part in the ONU simulation at the Berkeley MUN in San Francisco!

The United Nations

The United Nations Organization is an international intergovernmental organization that aims to maintain peace and security in the world. It deals with the resolution of international disputes, economic and social cooperation, and the promotion of human rights respect. The aim is to develop friendly relations between nations on the basis of respect for the principle of equality between states and the self-determination of peoples.

Do you need help?

Download and carefully read the call for participation in the project. If something is not clear to you or you need our help, read our FAQ, contact us by email at info@europeanpeople.it or call us at +39 389 607 2492.

The Simulation

BMUN is a simulation designed for those who want to learn more about the work of the United Nations and the diplomatic world. You will be able to live a unique, international experience and compare yourself with representatives of other countries on current international issues. In fact, if you are interested in environment, peace and security, this path allows you to relate to more than 2000 students from all over the world. Learning to relate to different cultures allows you to discover new points of view and integrate them with yours to get more and more innovative ideas. So, if in your future you aim to become an international leader, this project is for you!

How to participate

To join the project, it is necessary to contact the association at the email info@europeanpeople.it

PLEASE NOTE: the BMUN edition of San Francisco is accessible to all students enrolled in upper secondary schools, universities, or academies.

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