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School Year 2022 - 2023

International projects for high school and university students

European People

International organization which deals with European citizenship, sustainability and development.
The organization was born with the aim to sensitize new generations to the social, democratic and civil values of the European Union. EP follows all the activities of the European Parliament with its focus on education and environment. From 2015 we also carry on awareness raising projects with colleges and universities, in Italy and abroad.

Our model format has been realized by professionals, reflecting the real procedures of the European Parliament.
From 2015, EP carries on the biggest Model European Parliamentin Italy.
Every EP people firmly believe in the value of a democratic debate, in the politic and social importance of European institutions and in the civic education for young generations.

Specifically, through our web journal Il Momento, we publish news about the Environment & Culture Commission and provide updated papers for education institutions. Publishing news and updates about the EU policies and targets we promote research, innovation and development. Finally, promoting cultural and art activities, we also do social works.

European People organize the most innovative Model European Parliament in Italy. Find out about IMEP & SUN 2022!





Our project got the High Patronage of the European Parliament

[..] Projects like this are an excellent tool for politic and civic education. For the young generations, they promote awareness of the core value of the democratic debate in our society.

They also promote the role and the contribution of the Parliament in the decision-making of the EU. […]
The European Parliament President, Martin Schulz
talking about the IMEP project

Young and professional staff

IMEP & SUN is coordinated by worthy university students collaborating with professionals. All the staff, at least once, took part to the coordination of a Model.

Will, 100
Experience, 80
Knowledge, 90

Take part to IMEP & SUN and win a scholarship to visit the European Parliament.

Students which will stand out during the Model will be selected by our staff to win a scholarship. Test yourself and win a trip to Bruxelles!

Scholarship is FULL (no cost for travel and accomodation).

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