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National High School Model United Nation

The biggest UN Model in the world

New York

NHSMUN – National High School Model United Nations

NHSMUN is the simulation of the work of the United Nations held annually in New York City. The next edition will take place at the New York Hilton Midtown and Glass Palace (UN Headquarter), on March 17-23, 2022. Seize this opportunity and don’t miss the chance to be part of this amazing and unique project!

The United Nations

The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization whose aim is the maintenance of peace and safety in the world. It deals with solving international disagreement, economic and social cooperation and the promotion of the human rights. The purpose is to develop friendly relations between states, based on the respect of the equality principle and on the communities self-determination.

Need help?

Download and read the participation announcement. If something is still unclear or you just need help, read our FAQ or don’t hesitate to contact us by email info@europeanpeople.it or phone at +39 389 607 2492.

The Model

NHSMUN is thought for students willing to learn more about the UN work and the diplomatic world. Is a unique and international experience where you will have the chance to discuss with other countries delegates about international issues. If thus you are interested in environment, peace and safety, this model allows you to interact with more than 5000 students from all over around the world. Learning to deal with people from different backgrounds grants you to discover new viewpoints and integrate them with yours to be always more innovative. In conclusion, if you are willing to become a diplomatic or an international leader, this project is for you!

How to subscribe

If you want to subscribe to the next edition you can e-mail us at info@europeanpeople.it

Please note: NHSMUN New York is open to all the high-school, university and college students.

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