The developing community program is focused on infrastructure. Every project is patiently planned and thought to benefit local communities. Drinkable water related problems and teaching buildings are problems these people face every day. All the building materials are local produced and volunteers work side to side with local people using traditional building methods. This program does not require any previous experience but a 50 $ weekly contribute is asked for materials.

Volunteers will be completely formed and prepared to make sea research activities. This involves a special training for sea fauna identification such as turtles, fishes, corals and invertebrates. Volunteers are also trained to a basal data collection about corals, a key ability to coral reef preservation. If you want to take part to this program an Open Water Dive certification is required but if you do not have one, you can do it at our MRCI diving school. The program has a minimum duration of 4 weeks to allow volunteers to complete the diving master and contribute to the Marine Preservation project.

The forest preservation program involves the constant monitoring of lands and wild animals in Nosy Komba village. Diversity and abundance of species are studied in order to recognize changes in the forest dynamics, communities, habitat wealth and to identify possible threats. Volunteers are trained to investigate on the field, collect datas and set up all the equipment. A species test must be passed in order to participate in the program. In this moment we have various long-term programs but we are going to value personal projects and university researches: black Eulemur behavioral ecology, birds survey, habitat study, agroforest are only some of the available paths.

Volunteers offer English grammar classes and conversation lessons to students from Nosy Be and Nosy Komba small villages. They also provide courses to adults in local communities and will be able to teach to personnel member of the Oceanographic Research Institute. Here they will contribute to English language proficiency, trying to improve local people to communicate properly and to collaborate for international scientific purposes.

Volunteers are carried in our research vessel, Matala Soul, spending 10 days in visiting different islands and villages of Madagascar. Each member will sleep in tent on the rough and ready beach. The program comes with different activities including aspect of education, forest and sea preservation and infrastructures. The main Outreach purpose is to carry comparative research surveys and help local communities with education and first aid assistance. A doctor is available on board and volunteers can decide to help with medical aid. To candidates we ask for charitable contribution for drugs, teaching materials, books and sports material. In the free time, volunteers are free to visit tropical islands, snorkeling in the ocean or take part to funny games in the water with local kids.

We recently introduced our Dive Master Intern which is both linked to our diving school and marine science program. Candidates will be trained to an investigation level on a specific aspect and will help scientific staff with others volunteer training. Only 5 vacancies available per stage. 3 months duration. Please note: this program requires an high commitment and concentration level.

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