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Es. Liceo San Leone Magno

I declare to have read and accepted the Regulation promoters of the Association European People, agree with the objectives expressed in the Charter of Values of European People and not to be enrolled and not to subscribe in the future to political parties or associations whose object or purpose is contrary to those described in referred to above documents.

I declare that the data entered at the time of registration are authentic, complete and correspond to the user who made the registration. I also declare that I have not made any other subscriptions to European People, aware that the provision of data not in accordance with the true or not belonging to the user or the making of multiple registrations will be considered to be the same as the issue of false declarations in private writing, giving rise to related responsibilities, including criminal ones.

See the conditions through the link europeanpeople.org/cookie-policy/

See the conditions through the link https://europeanpeople.org/termini-e-condizioni/

You will receive an e-mail confirmation!

If you’re not sure about your subscribing wait for the e-mail confirmation (up to 1 minute – check the spam box).

If you don’t receive the e-mail or just got problem with subscription don’t hesitate to contact us at info@europeanpeople.it.
We’ll solve your problem as soon as possible!

Trying to subscribe to EP?

Il progetto IMEP è riservato agli associati sostenitori (promoters), per registrati all’evento come associato ricordati di selezionare il progetto desiderato. Per modificare il “progetto scelto” è necessario inviare una mail a info@europeanpeople.it

Read the Value Paper

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