National High School Model United Nation

NHSMUN, or the National High School Model United Nations , is a United Nations simulation involving high school students from all over the world, organized in collaboration with IMUNA , an affiliated body in collaboration with the United Nations. During the event, students take on the roles of representatives of different countries and discuss current international issues, trying to reach shared solutions through negotiations and compromises. The main objective of NHSMUN is to encourage students to become active global citizens and to think critically about international issues . Furthermore, it offers them the opportunity to improve their communication and negotiation skills, as well as work in a team to achieve a common goal .

The 2024 edition will be held from 7 to 13 March at the New York Hilton Midtown and the UN Headquarters , headquarters of the United Nations. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this unique experience!

The simulation

NHSMUN is aimed at high school students and aims to encourage their active participation in global life by providing them with the opportunity to explore current international issues, think critically and develop their communication and negotiation skills. During the event, students take on the roles of representatives of different countries and discuss current international issues, trying to reach shared solutions through negotiations and compromises.

Every year, NHSMUN attracts thousands of students from all over the world and offers them a unique learning experience , which includes not only the United Nations simulation, but also the chance to meet and interact with students from different parts of the world . In addition to providing a deeper understanding of international issues, the event also offers students the opportunity to develop their communication, negotiation and teamwork skills.

The event takes place annually in New York, and for the next edition, scheduled from 8 to 14 March 2024, it will be hosted by the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel and the UN headquarters.

NHSMUN: the United Nations

The United Nations (UN) is a global organization made up of 193 member states with the aim of promoting peace, security and development throughout the world . It was founded in 1945, soon after the end of World War II, with the aim of preventing further global conflicts through international cooperation .

The UN carries out various functions to achieve its objectives, including the management of peacekeeping missions, economic and social development, the protection of human rights, the promotion of international justice and the fight against poverty and inequality. The UN is also committed to fighting climate change and promoting environmental sustainability .

The Organization is based on the principles of peace, security, development and respect for human rights. Its fundamental values ​​are equality , human dignity , solidarity and respect for international law .

NHSMUN New York: this is how the simulation happens

An NHSMUN simulation, or National High School Model United Nations , consists of a simulated representation of the activities of the United Nations General Assembly . Participating students take on the roles of representatives of different countries and gather in plenary sessions and specific committees to discuss current international issues and try to reach shared solutions through negotiations and compromises.

Preparation for an NHSMUN simulation typically begins months before the event, with students researching the country and position they will represent during the simulation, preparing written and oral documents to present their positions and negotiate with the other countries represented.

European People is committed to training and preparing its students for the simulation.

The staff will provide educational material, explanations and discussion points.
During the event, students meet in plenary sessions to discuss issues of general interest and in specific committees to discuss more specific issues. In these committees, students present written and oral documents, negotiate with representatives of other countries, present amendments, and vote on resolutions.

Students will have to respect rules of debate and formal procedure, and will also have to respect the positions and policies of the country they represent. There will also be opportunities for students to attend conferences and seminars , where they can listen to international experts and leaders and ask questions.

Overall, an NHSMUN simulation provides a unique learning experience for students, encouraging them to become active global citizens and think critically about international issues, improving their communication and negotiation skills and working as a team to achieve a common goal. .

NHSMUN project: scholarships

In the same way that the simulation of the European Parliament presents itself as a more unique than rare opportunity, the NHSMUN project also offers various possibilities and scholarships for students who wish to participate in the simulations held in New York, Brussels and Paris . Scholarships are awarded to partially or fully cover the costs of attending the event and may include the cost of registration, travel and accommodation.

European People has provided additional training to over 10,000 students from around the world since 2015, preparing them on current issues and international careers. These students then took part in international forums organized with simulations of the United Nations and the European Parliament in Italy and abroad . The aim of the Association is to engage the best students in the world and prepare them for international careers . For this reason, more than 200 scholarships have been made available to encourage the participation of the most deserving students in the simulations to be held in New York, Brussels and Paris.

To obtain a scholarship, students must pass a 60-question multiple choice test and an assessment interview in English with the European People teaching staff . Students who demonstrate strong motivation to participate, interest in international issues and a good level of knowledge of the English language are selected. Furthermore, belonging to associations and previous international experience (such as Erasmus, volunteering abroad, internships) represent a plus

In addition to the test, each student must provide information about themselves, their country of representation, their educational institution and the reason why they want to participate in the event. Additionally, documents such as a letter of recommendation and a copy of your academic record may be required.

Scholarships are awarded to applicants based on their motivation, academic abilities and past experiences . However, it is important to note that the availability of scholarships varies depending on the year and location of the event, and not all applicants may be selected to receive one.


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From 07 to 13 March 2024
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At your place

From 07 to 13 March 2024
The Travel contribution includes an overnight stay at the New York Hilton Midtown**** with access to the hotel's executive lounge between 07:00 and 22:00 with hot and cold drinks and fruit available all day , international breakfast and afternoon aperitif buffet, return flight from Rome or Milan (airport taxes included), health insurance, entry to two museums (Moma and Met), airport/hotel transfer.

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