The European People organization is dedicated to promoting the democratic, social and civic principles of the European Union through the education and awareness of young generations . It is committed to developing educational projects and awareness programs internationally to encourage the adoption of these values ​​in society. Through its work, the organization promotes integration and cooperation among young people in support of a compact, safe and future unity between the countries of the European Union. It organizes and supports projects and initiatives that aim to strengthen the social , cultural and economic cohesion of young minds, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and experiences between different cultures. The main objective of European People is to create a more united and supportive Europe, in which citizens can feel part of a common entity, starting from the education of high school and university students.

European People: training and awareness

For 5 years, the European People organization has been responsible for planning the largest simulation of the European Parliament in Italy, involving students from different nations of the European Union. Using the "learning by doing " method, it aims to provide students with the necessary tools to actively and proactively participate in simulations. Through a digital training program, students will be able to acquire knowledge on the functioning of the European Parliament , not only from an institutional but also an economic - legal point of view and understand the specific role of each professional figure within it.


Board Of Directors

Dr. Marco Parroccini



Attorney Claudio Parroccini