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The IMEP project is a ground-breaking unique project aiming to the sensitization and popularization of the EU values. Its innovative method makes the student the main character of the Model.

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Our method, also known as Model, has been deeply appreciated by EU institutions, which immediately recognized the efficacy of instill the cornerstone values of the EU to young generations. For these reasons, the EP President Martin Schulz, with the vice-President Antonio Tajani, granted the highest award to our project.

The IMEP, in the last and current edition, has in fact received the High Patronage of the European Parliament. A precious award showing the European institutions support to formation activities for European students.

Antonio Tajani talking about IMEP

[..] Such activities are very appreciated because encourage the young and allow them to get to know Europe. This way they have a better understanding of the European integration process and of the EP role in the European Union. […]

The EP President, Antonio Tajani

Martin Schulz about IMEP

[..] These projects are an excellent tool of political and civic education. Between the young, they encourage the main value of a democratic debate in our society and promote awareness of the role and contribute of the EP in the decision process. […]

The former EP President, Martin Schulz


European People collaborates with “Scuola Europa” institute in Milan and with the “Sacro Cuore” institute in Florence in the realization and organization of IMEP in the respective cities. With the institutes, we share the purpose to promote the EU citizenship values between European students.

Following other collaborations aiming to promote the IMEP project spread:

  • Università degli Studi Internazionali UNINT di Roma: the university committed to promote IMEP between its student and we had the pleasure to have Mr. Antonio Magliulo, headmaster of the faculty of economics, at the closing ceremony of the last edition.
  • ASP – Associazione Studenti di Scienze Politiche Luiss: a political science student association committed to encourage the IMEP project at LUISS university of Rome.
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