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Phase 1: autonomous study and preparation

Students will be provided with specific papers in order to be well-prepared for the Model. Papers are split into a general part and a specific one, related to the position they want to perform. All the students have to study the general part about the EU story, structure, functioning and funds. All the papers are supplied through an e-learning platform and every student will be member of a commission with a specific topic to discuss.

Phase 2: the Model

Here, students are going to put the expertise of phase 1 into practice. They will take part to a real Model European Parliament where they will discuss a law proposal with the assigned commission. The Model is held in institutional headquarters and students have to wear a formal dress (suit & tie for men and tailleur for women).


The Model main purpose is to draft a law proposal about environment (the 2020 topic). As a result of the involved position interaction, both in the phase of negotiation and legislative procedure, student will have to give a speech, make a common deal and negotiate the agreements terms. All of this must be done respecting the rules of a democratic debate as stated by the EP.

The law proposal must provide a solution to the topic and problem of the commission membership. The official draft will be the result of the opinions and political positions of every MEP. In order to get a good outcome, collaboration within its own group and the ability to mediate its position with others will be the main skills valued.

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