IMEP is a well-established and ground-breaking project which received the High Patronage of the European Parliament.

Since 2015, European People promotes the democratic and civil value of the EU and sensitize young students about international issues. In order to do this, we created IMEP, a Model European Parliament which allows student to live a unique experience while acquiring useful expertise to sell in the labour market.

The first edition made us proud to be the pioneers in the Model European Parliament area. After receiving the teacher and student compliments and the approval by the former and present Presidents of the EP (Martin Schulz and Antonio Tajani) we became the benchmark in the Italian panorama.

The High Patronage of the European Parliament was given to the project to show the support of European institutions for activities promoting and spreading the EU values. With the European People original and captivating method in fact, the latest edition were all successful for both us and the students.

Since 2017 we collaborate with the Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute. The collaboration allows our associates to participate in volunteer programs in Africa with the aim to import our know-how in field such as infrastructure and research. From the same year moreover, we are partner with Confindustria and LUISS University for educational project about European institutions.

In 2018, with the will to ease and support our associates mobility in Europe, we rose the European People’s Mobility Program. Thanks to it, our associates can travel to all the European capital cities using accommodation at corporate rates with our organization.

Last year, thinking about how to introduce students in the digital era, we renewed IMEP completing in with the Start-Up Now Project. IMEP & SUN is the renewed Model European Parliament which involves new business, economic and lobbying positions.

Want to know what’s coming next? Read more about IMEP & SUN – Environment 2020!

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